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Lincoln Island | Inspiring dynamic leadership

Meet Lincoln Island Founders.

This is what they have to say about their path of entrepreneurship:

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Workshop for the Slovenian Coaching Association

Ljubljana, June 9. The workshop successfully achieved the it’s purpose: reproduce one of the immediate consequences of vulnerability: empathy.

Is gamification a good strategy for effective learning?

We heard it loud and clear at[LightsOn:Education]: “We should forget the word education and replace it by learning”.

Build your own opinion about how Gamification can serve your purpose, a good starting point is this interesting article

Be more effective, know your prefrontal cortex

Your Brain at Work, David Rock.

Your Brain at Work

I just finished the first chapter and I can tell you that the way I organize my day has changed. Isn’t that an incredible achievement for David Rock?

"You’ll have the chance to get more focused and productive by understanding your own brain at work - at work"

It is absolutely true and now I’ll try to explain what I learned from knowing more about my prefrontal cortex:

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Business models. A tool you can use today

Business Model You, Tim Clark.


"We are not claiming that people are the same as companies. But here’s an important parallel: You, like many companies, are affected by environmental and economic factors beyond your control".

If there is a recipe for success, why can’t everyone follow it?

As a kid I listened family members qualifying some as successful and others as mediocre. Looked like there is a definitive way of achieving success, the ones that didn’t show progress as expected were destined to fail.

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The motivation to be the best of yourself

The Element, Sir Ken Robinson.


"Many of the people you’ll meet in this book didn’t pursue their passions simply because of the promise of a paycheck. They pursued them because they couldn’t imagine doing anything else …".

Have you got the feeling that you are not longer the one you were before?

Knowing oneself is a process not a destination. But learning about what we enjoy is something we can achieve, more than once if necessary.

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My thoughts are the result of what I think I know. 

Your thoughts are the result of what you think you know.

That means that what we individually think is affected by what we do not know. That fact makes it very difficult to understand what others feel, think or are trying to say.

My self-definition is different about your opinion of me. And the other way around.

Judging myself then is limited by my own limitations. 

Deciding the value of what I have to share with you is not my task, it is yours. But my decision of sharing is what should matter to me.

Book review: Anything You Want

Anything You Want, Derek Sivers.

Anything You Want

This book is a must read for anyone trying to start a business. Specially designed for entrepreneurs that decide to start small.

Experienced entrepreneurs will find inspiration and wisdom. New entrepreneurs will find encouragement.

The book is short and easy to read. If you are an Amazon Prime customer you can get it for free on your Kindle tablet or your Kindle App.

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An ideal book for Business Adventurers!

Gifts from the Mountain, Eileen McDargh.

Gifts from the Mountain

While crafting the idea of building a company that would connect entrepreneurs, travel and community building, I bought this book. It arrived soon before I returned to Slovenia and that is the reason why I didn’t open it until today. That company is today Lincoln Island.

You need to be an adventurer to unlock the deepest secrets of this book!

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The first 5 Rules of Thumb

Rules of Thumb, Alan M. Webber.

Rules of Thumb - Alan Webber

This revision is based on the first edition of this book. My first impression: the fifty two rule names are confusing. My second impression: it is worth reading every page no matter if you find the rule titles helpful. You’ll find my notes and comments of the first five rules after the break. Note the last one… I got an important personal lesson:

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